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5th May 2023

World Cocktail Day - May 13th

Did you know that May 13th is World Cocktail Day? – A day where we celebrate the art of mixology, the deliciousness of a well-crafted drink and our talented team of bartenders who prepare them.

This day is particularly exciting for those of us that love a good Boozy Brunch, and what better way to celebrate World Cocktail Day than by trying out our new Boozy Brunch menu! The combination of delectable brunch dishes, paired with refreshing cocktails shared with loved ones, makes for a perfect way to commemorate the day.

Some of our favourite brunch cocktails include our White Peach Bellini, Breakfast Martini and French 77!

In addition to being a fun way to enjoy delicious drinks, cocktails have also been a significant part of our social and cultural experiences. Used to celebrate milestones, enhance gatherings, and find connection and camaraderie whilst sharing a round of drinks with friends.

On this World Cocktail Day, let us raise a glass to the art of mixology, the culture and history behind cocktails, and the joy that they bring to our lives. And next time we gather for a boozy brunch, let's do so with a deeper appreciation for the stories and traditions behind the drinks that we enjoy.

Cheers to cocktails and all the memories and connections they create!


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